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Generous casino bonuses make your gameplay more interesting as they let you play popular video slots to win real money. Currently, these free credits casino offers have become part of the top casino bonuses. But, the question is, which ones should players claim, and how do they work? Continue reading our educative review below to learn more about free credits offers.

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Online Casino Free Credits Offers?

Free credits is the term you will encounter in almost all online casinos. But, what exactly is free credits? Well, free credits can be discussed in 2 different ways;

  • Free credits are in-game spins that are free are players can use them to play selected video slot machines for real money, and the game suppliers themselves provide them.
  • These are offered as part of the additional features in most slots, and the casino brand you choose to join can’t add or change anything. But, there are also other free credits that are offered to players when they join an online casino as bonuses, either for attracting new visitors or to reward players for being loyal.
  • Also, there are different versions of real-money spins that players can find at online casinos.
  • The casino bonus – these are spins offered as a bonus when a player joins a casino for the first time. In the following sections, we will give you more information about them, how to tell whether they are worthwhile, and how a player can claim them.

Can I Utilize The Free credits For Playing All Games?

Most players usually ask this question, and the answer, unfortunately, is no. A wide range of top online casinos offers players free credits to play only selected video slots games such as the book of the dead (play’n GO), starburst (NetEnt), and quest (Gonzo).

Nonetheless, multiple online casinos have noted that forcing their players to utilize the bonus on a single game might not be the ideal method to please them. There is stiff competition amongst online casinos, and new casinos are joining the online gaming industry each day, and as a result, casinos have started to give players more than twenty options to utilize their bonus on.

How Can Players Claim The Free credits Bonus?

Players will be happy when they realize that free credits are the simplest casino bonuses to claim and utilize. Below are the steps to take to claim the free credits bonuses;

The first step is choosing the most popular casino; almost all online casinos need you to open a player’s account before giving you the bonus. Therefore, make sure you follow the instructions of the casino you pick. This usually takes 5 minutes to complete.

The second step – make a deposit; whereas some online casinos offer players a casino bonus after they sign up at the casino (no deposit bonus), most casinos in Malaysia will require players to deposit before being allowed to claim the free credits. Players can deposit $10, although this will be determined on an online casino or the payment option you opt to use.

The third step – claim the free credits; almost all casinos need you to insert a promotional code in the bonus area, whereas others will directly credit the free credits to your account.

The fourth step- enjoy the bonus; after the free credits have been awarded to your casino account, you can play the selected video slot using the spins. Another thing that the players should note is that free credits come with an expiration date, so make sure you read the conditions and terms. This will help you to use up all your spins to play the specified games before they expire.

The fifth step – satisfy the wagering requirements; you will be required to meet all the wagering requirements that include the amount of money players should use before being allowed to cash out their winnings made from the free credits.

Sixth step – cash out your winnings; this is always the most awaited moment when you will be allowed to cash out your winnings and use them to cater to your expenses. However, you should note that you will be needed to satisfy the wagering requirements except if the bonus indicates that there is no wagering.

Types Of Free credits

When looking for top free credits offers available at online casinos, you will come across multiple types and names. Below are some of the terms you will encounter and their meaning.

  • Free credits

Free credits is a casino bonus offered to players that they can use to play selected games. An online casino will either list it directly on the offer or within the terms and conditions. Free credits are usually offered individually or as part of other welcome bonuses.

Free credits is a bonus offer credited to a player’s account after they make a certain amount of deposit and allows you to play specified slots. But, they usually feature some deadlines and wagering requirements. Also, players should understand that this bonus has a monetary value of $10/spin. This means that players using free spin to bet can only bet on games worth that money.

  • No Wagering Free credits

This spin operates like the ones we have described above, though they come with one main game-changing feature. Some of the top free spin bonuses need a player to play using the money you win for a specified time before being allowed to withdraw it. No wagering free credits are different as you will cash out your winnings straight away.

  • No Deposit Free credits

These types are offered to players when they sign up at a casino without making the first deposit. Bearing that in mind, almost all no deposit bonuses feature terms and conditions, which need you to make a deposit and play for real money for you to cash out your winnings.

  • Reload Free credits

Reload spins are credited to your account when you deposit. They were usually given to players as part and parcel of reload bonus. Normally, they come with extended deadlines and are not wager-free.

  • Seasonal/weekly/daily free credits.

Seasonal, weekly, and daily bonuses are precisely what is indicated on the tin. An online casino offers players a specific amount of spins on a seasonal, weekly, or daily basis. But, players must use up these bonuses over a specified amount of time, simply they have an expiration date. These bonuses are either given to you when you satisfy specific requirements or can be credited to your casino account directly.

Why Should Players Utilize Their Bonus?

The top free credits offers offered at popular casinos are an excellent method of trying out specific games before you start playing them for real money. However, these bonuses come with wagering requirements that players should put into consideration. But, these shouldn’t scare you off as they are advantages that come with using the bonus offers given to you.

  • Players can play using traditional spins as it’s a great way of playing specific games without utilizing your hard-earned money.
  • Also, when utilizing your hard-earned money, you can use the spin bonuses to play additional rounds just for free. As slots are termed as a game of luck, a single round can make a difference.
  • No-wagering bonuses let you cash out your winnings immediately, which means that you make a profit without spending your precious money when you win.

What Is The Meaning Of Wagering Requirements?

This is one of the oldest terms that scare off multiple online casinos. This term sounds so complicated, so no one should blame you for being scared. Although, you shouldn’t take wagering requirements as your enemy. But, the first step is understanding the meaning of the wagering requirement, as this will help you make the right decision on whether the bonus is worthwhile.

Almost all online casinos come with conditions and terms. These are a set of rules, which bind both the casino and you into an agreement. Therefore, the online casino will provide you with free credits bonuses. You will be required to utilize them in a specified amount of time and on selected games. Also, in some wagering requirements’ terms and conditions, you will be required to wager the offer a certain number of times based on your winnings.

The simplest way of understanding wagering requirements is thinking of it as the money you have to use a certain number of times before you can be allowed to cash out your winnings.

This really helps the online casinos to make the gamblers use more money when playing many rounds. But that is not the main reason why casinos started using the wagering requirements. The main aim was to prevent players from hopping from one casino to another laundering money. See it this way; a player can visit one casino, use the free credits, win real money, then deposit quickly and move to another. This way, the casinos won’t be making any profits, and this can lead to the business collapsing. Also, these wagering requirements hinder players from opening accounts on many casinos at once, thus minimizing excessive gambling.

How Wagering Requirements Are Calculated

Let us assume you have signed up at a casino, and it has credited you twenty free credits to play a specified game that comes with a 20x wagering requirement, which requires to be met in thirty days.

So, you become lucky and make a winning of $40 using the bonus. But, before you can be allowed to cash out the winnings, you will be required to wager the winnings 20x.

To simply know the amount you require to wager in those thirty days, just use a simple formula, multiplying your winnings by the times you require to wager it. So:

  • $40 x20 =$800

Therefore, you are required to pay $800 in thirty days from the time you claimed the bonus to be allowed to cash out your winnings made from the free credits bonus.

Most players see this as a lot of work, especially those who want quick money.

How To Pick A Bonus

Most players aren’t sure about the bonuses they should pick and the ones they should leave. To help you choose the best bonus, first know what you are after and the type of player you are. Nonetheless, the tips bellows will help you make an informed decision depending on your requirements.

  • Rule number one – regardless of the bonus type available, getting a licensed and legal casino must be your number one priority. No matter how glitzy the bonus offer is, if the online casino isn’t reputable or trustworthy, just run! Choose from the casinos listed on our website as they are all fair, licensed, and trustworthy.
  • Rule number two – always read the conditions and terms of every bonus offer carefully before you submit. This is crucial for multiple reasons;

First, you require to make sure that the wagering requirement comes with fair conditions and terms. If an online casino is giving free ten spins though expects you to wager the winnings you make from it 40x, then you shouldn’t claim this type of bonus.

Secondly, you need to determine whether the bonus is worth the while – if you play casually and your budget is $50 each month, does wagering $800 within thirty days makes any sense to you?

Thirdly – although the wagering requirements seem fair and worthwhile, you require to read them to see if you can be able to satisfy them – if you fail to meet them, this will mean you will not be allowed to cash out your winnings.

Rule number three; the top free spin offers come with fair conditions and terms. The only claim offers that you feel are worthwhile and from trustworthy casinos that don’t make you wait for months before they can allow you to withdraw your winnings.

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