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An online casino no deposit bonus is self-explanatory, it is bonus money that players can play with without making any deposits. This bonus type attracts many players; I mean, who doesn’t love free things, especially free money and you have done nothing to deserve that money. Because of the high competition in online gaming, online casino brands are working extra hard to appeal to more players to their casino sites. High competition means high quality, better bonus offers, better software, and better casino sites. A good example of better bonus offers is a no deposit bonus.

These are promos that allow players to bet using a specified amount of spins, money, or even free playtime, which means that players will enjoy high-quality online casino experiences from across the world, for example, Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, India, and Canada. All these games offered for free are supplied by popular developers such as real-time gaming, betsoft, Microgaming, among others.

Almost all online casinos are offering different types of bonuses, including free spins, no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, second-chance bonus. Also, players will be spoilt for choice as there are other new online casinos that are offering players top-notch bonuses. However, players who think they need to deposit to be awarded bonus offers should change this mentality. Offers like the no deposit bonus let players try out games from new online casino brands and provide them with an opportunity to win real money. Players are allowed to do all this without spending some of their hard-earned money.

With all the top-notch casino websites available out there, players will always be spoilt for choice, which means that you shouldn’t stick to betting sites offering you less than you deserve. With multiple online betting websites out there and offering the chance to play for real money even without depositing any money, players should take time and ensure they pick the top online casinos providing high-quality games.

How To Play With A No Deposit Bonus?

An online casino no deposit bonus is a bonus offer, which is offered for free, without making any deposits to your player account. This bonus offer can be awarded in the form of free credits or free money in your account. Multiple online casinos offer a no deposit bonus as it attracts more new players. But, most players always end up asking why these casinos are offering bonuses without asking for a deposit. Some might even end up suspecting these casinos.

But, players should rest assured that these online casinos only offer top-notch games and are safe to play at. The online casinos offer no deposit bonus for players to try out their games before they start playing the games for real money, just as other products sites offer free samples. And if you love playing the games at the casino site, the chances are that you will return for more. Therefore, an online casino no deposit bonus is just a bonus offer awarded to newbies in an attempt to appeal to them into joining the casino. The online casino benefits a lot from this bonus offer as when a player signs up even without depositing; this will be the primary step to appealing a loyal player that will come back to play using his/her money.

How To Get The No Deposit Bonus

Immediately you complete the sign-up process, the online casino will award the no deposit bonus to your casino account. Some websites might need a bonus code to activate the bonus, which is usually indicated either on the bonus page or in the conditions and terms. That’s why we always advise players to carefully read the terms and conditions before submitting. Also, for you to claim the bonus, you must follow the steps correctly. For instance, if you forget to insert the bonus code, you will miss the chance to enjoy this free money.

But, don’t anticipate vast amounts of money. However, the bonus will be typically enough to play quite a good number of games. Now, all that is required of you as a player is to get familiar with online games and how to play them. With hundreds of new online casinos, the competition is very high. All this translates to increased profits to players as most of these new casinos are willing to offer real money to appeal to more players.

When looking for a no deposit bonus, always look for other terms like $20 free or free money bonus – all these terms mean the same. Essentially, when you spot the word ‘free,’ it means that you don’t require to make deposits to be able to play your favorite games – but make sure you read the fine print carefully.

How Free Is A No Deposit Bonus?

So, we have explained that players don’t require to deposit any money to enjoy the no deposit bonus. However, does this imply you can play with it and cash out your winnings? Not quite. Before you start complaining that you have been blocked from withdrawing your money, there is a genuine reason why an online casino can’t allow you to cash out the money – except it’s part of a planned system as this could result in huge losses for the casino. The naked truth is that a player would visit a casino to play online games with the bonus, withdraw the winnings, head to another online casino with no deposit bonus, and repeat the same thing. This will lead to the entire system collapsing leaving you with no place to play your favorite games.

Luckily, the owners of an online casino are wise and a system that lets players enjoy the no deposit bonus while the online casino stays in business. Literally, before withdrawing your winnings made from playing selected real money slots, just go through the conditions and terms of the bonus. In many cases, any wins players make using the free bonus should be used to play other games offered at the casino website.

So, Is There Any Point In Using The No Deposit Bonus?

If I can’t withdraw my winnings instantly, what is the point of using the no deposit bonus? This is one of the questions that players always ask. The answer to this is simple; it’s worth it. Eventually, you are the one who will benefit as you are offered the opportunity to play your favorite real money games without using your hard-earned money risk-free. There is no downside to using a no deposit bonus. Furthermore, you should understand that even if you aren’t allowed to withdraw your winnings instantly, most players still manage to cash out the winnings if they follow the withdrawal requirements without necessarily using any money.

Terms Players Should Consider When Playing With A No Deposit Bonus

Every casino comes with its set of conditions and terms. Players must read carefully before using the no deposit bonus to play their favorite games. You should even read them before signing up at the casino website. Undoubtedly, the conditions and terms will help you decide if the no deposit bonus is worthwhile or you should look for another online casino with a better offer that will suit your requirements.

While each online casino comes with different versions of terms and conditions, specific basics will be present, including restricted games, restricted countries, payment options, wagering requirements, and so on.

But, it’s crucial to understand that even if this is how most free cash offers commonly operate, there might be differences based on a particular website or promotion. Our explanation in the sections above should offer you a better idea of how different bonus types work and how to use them.

Bearing that in mind, we can’t cover all the no deposit offers offered online. So, always read the conditions and terms carefully to understand how these bonuses work.

No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

The most common issue that most players face is the wagering requirement. Even though wagering requirements are a turn-off to some players, these are very simple to satisfy and understand; think about it as it will be worth your money and time.

The wagering requirement is simply the times you should play through the winnings before being allowed to make a withdrawal. Therefore, a $20 free cash bonus with a wagering requirement of 20x implies that you must use $20×20 that is $400 – before being allowed to cash out your bonus winnings.

When the wagering requirement is low, the good the value of the free cash bonus, the first rule of the game is that when a player deposits a higher amount, the playthrough requirement tends to be higher also. If an online casino is providing a lower free cash bonus, there is a possibility also the wagering requirement won’t be harsh.

Which Games Fall Under The Online Casino Free Cash Bonus Wagering Requirement?

All players should understand that not all online casino games are equally qualified to satisfy the wagering requirements. Some online games might contribute 100%, some a low percentage, and others will contribute nothing. For casinos that aren’t willing to contribute anything, regardless of the number of times you spin the reels, you will never satisfy the wagering requirement.

Let’s begin with the most straightforward basic principle; slots with a lower RTP (Return to Player Percentage) commonly contribute 100%. With a very high return to player percentage, slots usually contribute very little, 10% to be precise. Also, there are those games that don’t contribute anything, including particular table games such as roulette, live dealer baccarat, live dealer blackjack, blackjack, and progressive jackpots. But, some of these games contribute very little. The main reason they don’t contribute is that some experienced players who play some table games mostly place their bets, so they never lose anything. For instance, with roulette, players can bet on both black and red giving them an even bet. Meaning, it’s possible to use all these methods when betting and satisfy the wagering requirement quickly and never actually spend anything.

However, players should ensure that they read the conditions and terms to see if they can satisfy them. That being said, if you pick a game and they realize that it’s hard to fulfill the wagering requirement, this might invalidate your bonus winnings; therefore, never ignore them.

After reading all that information, I know you wonder when do the wagering requirements stop being rational and become unfair? These rules are simple and straightforward. However, a super-high playthrough might not be worthwhile for players. In most cases, I usually avoid any online game, which is beyond the 30x threshold. However, some players will move as high as 40x before deciding to return lower. After all, this is a matter that is subjective to your personality or the bankroll. When you claim the free cash bonus, and then you fail to satisfy the wagering requirements, you have basically wasted your effort and time.

Who Gets To Claim The Free Cash Bonus Offers?

As we stated above, these bonuses are usually reserved for new players joining a casino website for the 1st time. Besides this, there might also be other limitations.  The most common restriction is the residence; read the conditions and terms to ensure that you are signing up from a country that allows gambling. Countries that are restricted are listed on each reputable casino’s website.

Other major reasons might include when your IP address seems to have been registered – this usually happens, especially when you share your device with someone. The popular rule ‘one bonus per person is common in all casinos, though not all players realize its implications. Mostly, the word ‘person’ means home IP address.

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