Who is the 4D King in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the online lottery games industry is booming. In fact, so ferocious is the growth that, if you were to choose the best, most popular and well-paying online lottery games, you would be spoilt for choice. From Supreme Toto 6/58, Sports Toto 4D and Power Toto 6/55 to Star Toto 6/50, Magnum 4D, Lotto 88, Damacai 1+ 3D and 4D King, they all are incredible.

But among them all, if you were to rank them from the best Malaysian online lottery site, 4D King would most definitely beat them all. And not just in Malaysia, this platform also commands huge following in Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. It is 100% safe and transparent with a simple, intuitive interface which also is multi-language supported and comes as an app.

But who exactly is this top-ranked online lottery site in Malaysia?

One of the most regarded truths in the world of online lotteries is choosing a platform that is licensed and regulated with a safe, fair, and transparent lottery algorithm. Players also prefer a lotto website with multiple live draws frequently and generous jackpot prize money nowadays. In Malaysia and Singapore, 4D King has carved itself a name, thanks to all these.

4D King runs a simple, intuitive interface which, aside from providing live 4D results of several lottery games, also has 5 other important categories. Ideally, players can keep track of the Magnum Gold jackpot, review how Supreme Toto 6/58 is doing, and even keep an eye on the Sabah 88 Lotto results as well as that of the Singapore Toto.

What’s more, the site keeps track of the previous 4D results and offer in-depth analysis of the 4D King. You will check the previous winning digits from the past jackpot past draws result and even compare to see whether there’s a winning budget. Everything on the platform is so simple to follow that you will have no difficulty making decisions on the digits to bet on.

About 4D King Online Lottery Game

In every 4D game, this platform has 23 sets of lucky numbers per draw. In every single set, there are 4 numbers and wins are determined in such a way that the last 4 digits of the tickets won are considered. Wins are rewarded as follows:

·         1st Prize

·         2nd Prize

·         3rd Prize

·         10 Special Prizes

·         10 Consolation Prizes.

Apart from that, bets in this platform are as follows:

ABC Bets – consists of those bets which have a bigger likelihood of winning. Mostly, ABC bets have a low pay as the probability of winning is high. Quite simply, you only need to pick a 4D number that appear within the 1st, 2nd, 3rd winning number combinations or that which either is in the Special Prize or Consolation Prize.

A bet – unlike ABC which often has many winners, this bet type on 4D King has fewer winners with a less regular success rate. Essentially, bets under this category are won when the numbers in the ruffle match those that appear under the 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds. That’s why these bets often have higher payouts.

Why 4D King

If you haven’t used this platform before, or your experience with it is slightly limited, then there’s a lot of amazing things that you are missing. For starters, if you opt for this a one-stop real-time result update website, there’s a plus in the many tips and hints posted on the Malaysia 4D King Facebook page.

At 7pm every single day, there are live draws on each of the games. What’s even more exciting is that you can log in to 4dking.com.my to follow the jackpot results and be part of the 4D King real-time result update. You will see the lucky numbers of every game, from Magnum Gold and Sports Toto 4d to Lotto 88 and CashSweep.

This platform isn’t available in PC alone. You can download 4D King android and iOS app and enjoy playing on a platform with an instant response time. Any android and iOS app can support 4D and you can download them from the Google app store, Apple store or as an apk. Downloading this application as an apk is perhaps the easiest way of getting it, although Apple store and app store are equally wonderful.

Still, there are several reasons why you will find this game more enjoyable playing via the app instead of 4dking.com.my. The app has a handy live mode feature where you get fast and free 4D notification. And not just that; this multi-language supported app allows you to view past draws results of Magnum 4D, Damacai 1+3D, and Sports Toto.

Disclaimer: this platform, including the app, doesn’t have Grand Dragon lotto. It also doesn’t have Singapore Pool Toto

Lottery Games on 4D King

Lottery game selection is where 4D King scores the highest number of points, and it’s easy to see why. On top of showing live 4D results of jackpots of Magnum 4D and Sports Toto, it also shows runs jackpot results of Sabah 88 and Singapore Toto. On its 4D numbers history category, you will find results of several games, including Damacai 1+3D, CashSweep 4D and STC 4D.

One thing that’s distinct about all these games is how they reward for correct ticket digits. Ideally, each of the games pay lucky ruffle tickets bearing 1, 2 and 3 correctly predicted digits. In fact, looking at the list of lottery games on 4dking.com.my, it is impressive to see that nearly all of them reward up to 3 lucky ruffle tickets. There’s also a ‘Special’ prize as well as a ‘Consolation’ to those who miss out on the 3.

Comparison: 4D King vs Live 4D Results

It’s easy to do a comparison of 4d king v2 live 4d results on 4D King. As someone who is eager to make a windfall from this platform, doing this may actually enhance your chances of hitting the jackpot. One thing you will instantly notice is that both of them feature similar sets of games.

The only notable difference would perhaps be the introduction of the voice on live draw – yes, 4D King now with voice on live draw. Remember that 4D Live Draw results that this platform supports include Damacai 1+3D, CashSweep, Magnum 4D, Sandakan Turf Club, Lotto 88 as well as Singapore 4D and Grand Dragon Lotto.

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